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5 headed infrared heat lamp with stand

3 headed near infrared heat and light therapy stand on wheels

2 headed near infrared heat lamp on wheels

Red & Blue LED Light Therapy Bulbs

red and blue LED light therapy bulbYou can now create your own red and blue LED light therapy system by purchasing our red light therapy bulbs which fit into any standard US lamp or light socket for only $49.99, now only $37.99 each!

These bulbs feature 38 high powered LEDs with red light emitting at 660nm and the blue light at a frequency of 415nm.

This red and blue led bulb is only 1 3/4 " in diameter and designed to fit any lamp or light fixture but it is recommended to be as close to the face as possible and use eye protection. 

12 foot lantern cord for right light therapy bulbsFor this specific bulb, a 12' hanging lantern cord with on/off switch is the most cost effective lamp housing we recommend for at home users.  We offer these single socket hanging cords for only $17.99 each with free shipping anywhere in the USA.

red and blue LED light therapy bulbThis well-engineered, high powered LED type bulb only consumes 2 watts of power while providing a 60 watt lamp output. 

Life of this blue and red LED light therapy bulb is  estimated to be 3000+ hours.  Price of $37.99 each includes free shipping.  Call 800-667-9189 to order today!

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