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Photo Light Therapy Case Studies

Found here are direct links to the science behind the claims made regarding the healing power of photo light therapy.  Photo light therapy is now being deployed where medications can not go: submarines and space.  Click on any link below to read the scientific studies behind bio photonics:

http://sbir.gsfc.nasa.gov/SBIR/successes/ss/8-035text.html before and after photos of red light therapy




http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1776069 before and after blue light therapy




You may view more case studies with before and after photos of real clients who were treated with a combination ofbefore and after light therapy microdermabrasion and photo light therapy here.  The Solitone 400 and 2500 was utilized for treatment in these case studies.  We offer to buy and sell gently used Solitone 400 and 2500 models.  Please contact us at 321-432-3000.