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Photo Light Therapy Devices

This webpage is where you can view a summary of photo light therapy devices available to you as a salon or spa owner or for personal use in the home.  If you are not familiar with the many health benefits of LED light therapy, please click here to learn more and read scientific studies of bio-stimulation on the human body.

light therapy systems by Bio LightWe now offer an exciting new Bio Light light therapy system for only $2,995 now $2495 pictured here with free shipping anywhere in the USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, and Virgin Islands. 

This amazing new device gives the operator complete control of any possible blend of red, blue and yellow LEDs.  The Bio Light is the first device we have seen which gives you frequency and intensity level control on the same panel. 

The red LEDs provide anti-aging benefit. Amber LEDs at 590nm promote 4x faster scar healing (perfect for post surgery).  The blue LEDs at 470nm will effectively reduce acne lesions.  View case studies here.

You can also provide light therapy session with any combination of the above LEDs as shown in this photo.  Read more about photo light therapy here.  Buy this amazing Bio Light today for only $2,995 now $2495 with free shipping to Florida, California, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma, Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Call 800-667-9189 or email us here with more questions.

LED light therapy device
$2,995 now $2495
free shipping anywhere
delivered in 5-7 days
LED light therapy device