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Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The question we are most often asked is: "Does red light therapy work?".  The answer is yes!  And we have the science to prove it. Read more about the amazingLED light therapy colors and treatments healing powers of photo light therapy here including links to scientific studies.   The results and feedback from clients and salon owners have been all the same:  photo light therapy really works!

You may have heard how red light at certain frequencies can heal wounds faster or create collagen.  But that's not all.  Recent studies have shown that blue light can clear acne, green light can alleviate hyper-pigmentation, yellow or amber light increases lymphatic flow, and purple or violet LEDs regenerate stem cells

you can buy 24 red light therapy lamps for tanning beds for only $525 deliveredIt seem our skin cells contain mitochondria, just like a plant, that can be activated by light photons, causing them to split.  When your cells split, the growth and healing process begins.  Hard to believe that scattered photons of light can perform these miraculous cures, but the idea of photo stimulation is not new.

Around the turn of the century, a Nobel prize was awarded for work in biophototonics, so the theory of photo modulation has been around for over 100 years.  Unfortunately, our society decided to recommend medications and expensive surgery to help your face look younger or body heal faster. 

Now, thanks to the mission to Mars, photo light therapy devices for skin rejuvenation are available to humans on earth.

With one rocket a week going into space worldwide and a mission to Mars looming in our future, LED light therapy is being deployed in space crafts and submarines every day!  Studies have shown sailors return to work with their joint pain related injuries healing four times faster when treated with red light therapy. 

Astronauts will utilize photo light therapy for joint pain relief during long periods without sunlight, the benefit of gravity, or a medicine cabinet.   View our joint pain relief devices here.

Fluorescent lamp manufacturers who have seen sales of UV tanning lamps steadily decline, have cleverly back-fitted their UV tanning bulbs with red light technology in the 633nm region to take advantage of this new photo modulation concept. 

What this means to the average person is you can find any old tanning bed and "convert" it to a red light therapy bed for about $525.    Buy red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds here