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5 headed infrared heat lamp with stand

3 headed near infrared heat and light therapy stand on wheels

2 headed near infrared heat lamp on wheels

Joint Pain Relief with Infrared Heat

If you have joint pain relief, you may need a different type of red light, one that also provides heat.  This light is referred to as "near infrared" because it acts like the sun to heat your body from the inside out, providing many health benefits, including joint and muscle pain relief. infrared heat bulb 250 watt for joint pain relief

Near infrared red light therapy bulbs generate light and heat which produces natural joint and muscle pain relief and other natural healing benefits such as improved circulation, hydration and oxygenation of blood, and sun-like warmth where it is sorely needed.

We sell 250 watt near infrared bulbs for only $20 each, with free shipping. 

Other useful applications for these 250 watt infrared heat and light therapy bulbs include building your own infrared sauna, heated bathrooms, or keeping barns, kennels, and life stock warm. 

These heat lamps will work great in green houses during the cold months as they will actually make the plants grow as well as keep the space warm.    These provide a fast drying solution for hair salons. 

Call 800-667-9189 to order.  Price is $20 each, free shipping, insurance.  Item#: 1501RD250W

If you want the most economical light therapy system for joint pain relief possible, we offer a single bulb type, infrared light therapy system with clamp-on light socket for less tan $50. 

This single lamp, near infrared, 250 watt light therapy bulb directed annear infrared heat lamp system area of the body will provide joint pain relief, reduce muscle strains, eliminate skin rashes, and alleviate most conditions of the face, eyes, ears and nose, including sinus infections.  Just direct to affected area 1-5 times daily for up to 20 minutes.

For $49.95 with free shipping, you will receive (1) one clamp-on light fixture in 18/2 gauge steel, 9 3/4 " reflector, with 8 foot cord.  This clamp light fixture has a capacity of 250 watts; therefore, we send (1) one 250w infrared heat bulb shown here. 

The user should sit 1' to 2' feet away from the lamp and move the lamp around the target area (knee, shoulder, ankles, etc) during the session.  Keep this therapy lamp on as long as you can stand the heat!  Use this heat lamp 5 to 30 minutes per session, 2 to 5 times per day, for best results. 

This surprisingly simple infrared sauna system will cause some reddening of the skin, which will go away, but this type of infrared heat and red light lamp will NOT TAN you. 

Call 800-667-9189 to order.  Price is $49.95 each, free shipping, insurance.  Item#: 1502CLRD250W

For those who want something that slides under the bed or hangs over a favorite chair, then consider a 2, 3, or 5 headed floor lamp. 5 headed infrared heat lamp with stand

The 2 and 3 headed versions shown above have a 250 watt capacity (bulbs included), while the 5 headed model has 150 watt capacity, which makes it perfect for red and blue LED therapy bulbs (your choice when ordering).

These multi-headed floor lamps provide for more heat (up to 750 watts) delivered to the same or different parts of the body simultaneously. 

Perfect for small homes or apartments, great for mobile homes or barns where you need mobility to move around to different animals. 

These floor type lamps are now being used in hair salons for drying hair up to 7 times faster than conventional methods, while providing a natural beauty treatment using light therapy during the session.

For joint pain relief in a compact carrying case, we recommend the Tendlite, which emits a "red light at a frequency of 860nm" (no heat).  This frequency has been scientificaTendlite red light therapy devicelly proven to heal injuries 60% faster and provide joint pain relief by stimulating cell growth.  Read more about the photo light therapy case studies here.

The FDA approved Tendlite, for joint pain relief is primarily used at home but can be carried with you when travelling away from the home.  It comes in a convenient carrying case and accepts regular batteries.

Please email us here or Call 800-667-9189 with  more questions or concerns about this device, or click here to read more about Tendlite.