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Red Light Therapy Lotions

Found here are our red light therapy lotions for 2014 and we are adding more every day.  Keep in mind, collagen can NOT be absorbed through the skin and can view all the red light therapy lotions for 2014 hereonly be produced naturally from exposure to red light lamps at 632 nm for 20 minutes, 2-3 days per week.  The red light lotions pictured here are designed to enhance your sessions by maintaining perfect pH and moisturizing your skin before and after a session. 

These products include a pre-therapy "mist" for the face and body, post therapy lotion for the body, and under-eye and facial serum for the facial area.  You can sell kits of all 4 products for about $129 or sell them separately. 

Call or text 321-432-3000 or request a catalog here to receive 40% off salon cost on all of our indoor tanning lotions and red light therapy lotions.  You will be able to retail these products in your day spa, automated spa, or wellness center. 

Red Light ST Mist

To prepare your skin prior to a LED light therapy session, you may consider moisturizing your body with a red light lotion, spray or refreshing "mist" such as the ST brand pictured here.  This mist helps establish your skin's proper Ph, which is when maximum therapeutic benefits are achieved.  Also fortified with Vitamin C and contains Aloe Vera to soothe and condition your skin during the session.  Size: 6 oz.  Retail Price:  $39.00.  Salon cost $24.

Red Light ST Under Eye Treatment

To help enhance your photo light therapy session results, consider this ultra light, fragrance free serum which helps reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and chronic puffiness surrounding the orbital area while protecting the skin against damage caused by free radicals to promote faster, noticeable skin care results.  This formula is designed exclusively for the orbital areas around the eyes.  Fragrance free. Size: 1 ounce.  Price:  $39.00, salon cost much lower.

Red Light ST Post Therapy Lotion

This ultra-concentrated Red Light ST EVO Post Therapy Lotion helps support and stimulate intracellular energy transfer for enhanced cell vitality.  This product will help moisturize and protect collagen and elastin fiber from free radical scavengers prior to undergoing or concurrently with using photo light therapy devices like the Omnilux or Lumiere.  Also formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite, this red light therapy lotion should be applied to the body after a session to help maintain pH and moisturize the skin.  Size: 6 ounces.  Price:  $39.99.

Red Light ST Facial Serum

Designed specifically for the facial area, this ultra light, fragrance free Red Light ST Facial Serum helps to stimulate and support intracellular energy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This product features one of the latest advancements in skin care, Argireline, that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles instantly.  Fragrance Free.  Size:  1 ounce.  Price: $39.00, salon cost is $24. Call or text 321-432-3000 or request a catalog here to receive 40% off salon cost on all of our indoor tanning lotions and red light therapy lotions.