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Lumiere LED Light Therapy System

We buy and sell used Lumiere LED light therapy systems anyhwere in the USA.  We now have a used 2008 Lumiere Excel model EL162E for sale for only $4,995 with free deliveryused Lumiere Excel for sale to most parts of the USA.  We will deliver and install this amazing red light therapy device for free in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and New York or New Jersey.  Other states may incur a small delivery fee for installation and we will ship to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Colorado at no extra charge. 

The photos shown here are recent photos of the exact unit you will receive upon full payment.  This unit does have the switch to change from red light at 633nm to near-infrared light at 680nm.  Read more about this amazing device below, email us questions, or call 800-667-9189 today.

The Lumiere Excel reverses signs of aging using red LEDs and invisible near-infrared LEDs to stimulate the body's own natural processes to significantly reduce periorbital wrinkles.  This unit will also firm, tone and improve skin clarity and boost collagen and elastin production.  Read more about the Lumiere Excel photo light therapy device here:

* The Lumiere's parent device, the Omnilux, is used by over 3,300 dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide

* Omnilux represents the industry leader, with 6 FDA clearances, and over 60 clinical studies with exceptional results.  Click here to view photo light therapy studies.

* Claims to be the only clinically proven LED light therapy devicephoto of a Lumiere Excel for sale delivering the correct wavelengths of light at the correct intensity to deliver the most effective skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle program.

* In independent clinical studies by leading dermatologists, 74% of subjects reported visible changes in fine lines and wrinkles.  With a total of 73% reporting the outcome of the treatment as either exceptional or excellent.

*  Eight weeks after completing this photo light therapy treatment program, improved skin tone was reported by 84% of subjects.  Improved smoothness and clarity was reported by 70% and improved elasticity by 47% of subjects.  Read the photo light therapy studies here.

* This device switches from red light at 633nm to stimulate collagen formation and provideused Lumiere Excel for sale anti-inflammatory protection to near-infrared at 830nm to stimulate collagen and elastin formation but also promote healing of tissue.

We recommend a treatment schedule of 8 sessions total.  This would consist of two 20 minute sessions per week for 4 weeks.  Alternate near-infrared and red light treatment with at least 48 hours between.  After this, we recommend quarterly light therapy sessions to maintain a youthful appearance.

We buy and sell these used Lumiere Excel red light therapy devices anywhere in the USA.  Please email us or call 800-667-9189 with questions or concerns.