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Shipping & Returns Policy

Most red light therapy lamps sold on this website are shipped from Interlectric Lighting Products of Erie, PA.  All red light therapy lamps are rated for 3000 hours and LED type lamps are rated for 10,000 hours.  Your purchase price includes a 1 year warranty on all products sold on this website.buy discount tanning lamps here

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours of receipt and sometimes the same day when the transaction is completed by noon.  We ship these fragile fluorescent type lamps packed in the large box pictured here and have a very good delivery success rate with UPS.  LED type products can be delivered within 2 days when available.

Your package will arrive within 1-4 days of shipping from Erie, Pennsylvania so if you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Maryland and close by you may receive your bulbs within 1-2 days of ordering.  If you live out west in states such as California, Utah, Washington, Arizona, or nearby you will receive your lamps within 4-5 days of ordering. 

If your red light bulbs arrive broken, please begin taking pictures with your phone and text the evidence to 800-667-9189 and follow the instructions below.

Shipping and handling costs can be up to $85 or more for 24 lamps so please be certain about what you are ordering.  If an order is placed wrong by the customer, the customer is responsible for all freight charges to return the bulbs to the factory in original packaging.

Keep in mind, items like 6 foot glass tubes are extremely large and fragile items and very costly to ship.  Please Call 800-667-9189 any time to make sure of the size and type of lamp or click here to learn how to order replacement bulbs. 

Lamps may be returned for credit within 15 days from the date of purchase.  Credit will only be given for the cost of the merchandise less a 20% re-stocking fee.  The merchandise must be in original packaging and in the same condition as received.  If any of the returned lamps arrive broken, you will be responsible for these accordingly.

To authorize a return, please call customer service at 800-667-9189 with your original invoice in hand.  Upon approval of your return, you will be given a return authorization number, write this number on the outside of your package being returned.  Freight charges on the return shipment are the responsibility of the customer.  Any unauthorized returns or cancelations will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Did Your Red Light Lamps Arrive Broken?

Do not worry, we have you covered!  Please accept the package and do NOT refuse or return the shipment and follow the instructions listed below to file an insurance claim with us. broken tanning bed bulbs

If you hear the sound of broken glass and your UPS driver left the package at your door,  please take a photo of the external damage on the box (if any) then continue to take photos as you open the box and reveal damage.  Typically, they only break one or two lamps on the outside of the packaging, although it sounds like they are all broken.  Then take a photo of each broken end cap up to 3 inches from the top so we know how many replacements to send out. 

Please email or send via text to 800-667-9189 and your obligation is over.  We will send your new package out within a day or two and email you a UPS tracking number for this shipment.  The cost of shipping insurance is included in your total price paid for lamp kits.