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Light Therapy Equipment for Salons & Spas

We provide new and used automated spa equipment to fitness clubs, tanning salons and day spas anywhere in the USAused Lumiere Excel for sale and Canada.  If you have not heard about "automated spas", click here to learn how to start or open your own automated spa today.  As the name implies, automated spas offered many healthy salon services for the client without the need for a technician.  One critical new component of these new spas are "photo light therapy devices" like those shown on these pages.

Professional grade photon light equipment now available to salon owners include the Solitone, Omnilux and Lumiere brand names.  Please click on the underlined link for more information of each and to check our current inventory.

We buy and sell used light therapy equipment for salons and spas anywhere in the USA and Canada.  If you have one of these models or similar for sale, please email us or Call 800-667-9189 today.