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Skin Rejuvenation plus Light Therapy

For skin rejuvenation using photo light therapy at home, please hand held photo light therapy devicetry our photon therapy facial mask, table-top facial system, or create your own red light therapy bed here.

If you own a salon, day spa, or automated spa then please review our automated spa equipment for sale, including the Lumiere Excel, Omnilux, and Solitone models.  These expensive and professional grade units can help your clients enjoy the unbelievable health benefits of photo light therapy.

Please learn more about photo light therapy and read case studies here for the science behind these miraculous claims.  Read more about the Sirius Nova hand-held skin rejuvenation system below:

The Sirius Nova Advanced Skin Rejuvenation System (suggested retail price is $299) is a powerful new professional skincare system which combines galvanic, micro current and photo facial technologies which are designed to restore and regenerate your skin's tone and complexion.  The newest innovation that provides facial rejuvenation in your home, in as little as 5 minutes per day.

The galvanic head is designed to cleanse, nourish, lift and tone your face by using positive ions which attract oil, dirt and other impurities from deep inside pores and remove them from yohand held skin rejuvenation deviceur skin.  The negative ions nourish your skin by inducing nutrients to penetrate in the the cleansed pores and activate the dermis cell-renewal process.

The micro current function of the galvanic head is engineered to lift and tone your skin by applying a low-level current to relax overly tightened facial muscles and to strengthen underworked facial muscles.  These micro current waves will help to increase circulation and boost collagen production in your facial skin.

The photo light therapy session options include red, blue and green light which are designed to fight aging, cure acne, clear blemishes and even discoloration.  Please learn more about photo light therapy and read case studies here for the science behind these fantastic claims.

Price:  $299 now on sale for only $199 for a limited time with coupon code GALVIN

Please call 800-667-9189 from 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday thru Saturday, to place an order.  Email us here with more questions.