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Solitone 400 For Sale

used Solitone 400 for saleThe Solitone 400 light therapy device found here works at the cellular level to rejuvenate your body through photobiostimulation, micro currents and polarized currents.  We are selling this used Solitone 400 device for $7,000 or best offer. 

;Read more about photo light therapy here and preview case studies with before and after photos here.  Read more about the Solitone 400 for sale below:

The Solitone 400 has 3 healing components which include the Lumifacial for photobiostimulation which addresses the needs that are specific for each type of skin condition. 

;The model 400 features 400 super-charged LEDs, while the Solitone 2500 has 2500 of these super-charged LEDS.  The Lumifacial provides a certain color of light at a very specific frequency which will provide the following benefits:

1.  Blue light at 470 nm actually cures acne by purifying the skin and killing all bacteria which causes acne.photo light therapy treatment with Solitone

2.  Green light at 525 nm reduces melanin and pigment production in skin with a photo-lightening effect.

3.  Yellow light at 590 nm improves lymphatic flow which helps to purify and detoxify.

4.  Red light at 640 nm increases collagen production by causing skin cells to split, stimulating fibroblasts and skin growth

The Solitone 400 and 2500 models also feature "micronized currents" and "high-frequency polarized" currents which help to improve skin elasticity, circulation and accelerate healing.

Please call 321-432-3000 with more questions or availability of this used Solitone 400 for sale. 

The Solitone 400 Owner's Manual is included with this light therapy device.  The technical specifications are:solitone 400 owners manual

1.  The dual power supply will operate in the US at 110 volts (60 Hz) or European 220 volts (50 Hz).

2.  Dimensions: 15 inches wide; 64 inches tall; 18 inches deep; 62 lbs weight

3.  Materials:  Steel and thermoform casing

4.  Electronics:  Microprocessor controlled

Our company buys and sells used Solitone 400 and 2500 model facial rejuvenation systems anywhere in the USA.